Production Company Prescription Media Launches Publicly


Prescription Media is an exciting, fast-paced, full service production and media company specialising in commercial and private contracts across the North West and UK.

Created by former doctor Aaron Calvert, Prescription Media previously focused on producing exclusive content for the brands Aaron Calvert: Mind Reader & Hypnotist and Prescription Hypnosis in association with Channel 4, Vice Media and Sky. Prescription Media has produced content for numerous other companies over the years in association with Lost Luggage Productions, which now solely produces theatre and stage stage, but has never publicly advertised its services and thus starts a new chapter for the Prescription Media team.

Specialising in producing engaging and unique video content, the full service aspects of the company means they are able to help create PR campaigns and marketing strategies to help engage the right people with your new content.


We recently filmed Cover My Bubble‘s heart-wrenching story of love and loss which inspired them to support families nationwide in their insurance company.

Services include:

Company Films – tell your story in a way that engages your clients. Video content is by far the most important media for any brand to be creating. Audiences relate to a video in ways that they just can’t with a still image or length status update. It quickly enables you to create an emotional connection if that is important to your story, burst on to screens and make a big splash if you are going big or get out your brand message in a unique way. We love quirky ideas that grab attention as with the recent company bios we’ve produced.

Weddings livea new initiative to help couples having to rethink their big day and help with the dreaded decision of choosing just 30 guests. Prescription Media live streams the ceremony via a private link and secure webpage to all the friends and family across the globe that were unable to make it to the big day meaning no-one need miss out on that precious ‘I Do’ moment. But, we are really excited to be able to bring your family and friends into the actual ceremony so you can see all their faces at home using our virtual wall. Plus we include recording of the ceremony to treasure for the rest of your lives. Available throughout the UK following its successful trials at Lancashire Wedding Venues.

Ads – from adverts and commercials to PR and publicity stunts captivate and active your audiences with a call to action that’s unique to you. There’s a finest to an advert to get make it not feel like an ad – Apple do this incredibly well showing off all the amazing features, making the screen look so shiny in those bright lights and shouting about the new features. by the end of the video you can’t help but want one, but nowhere do they say, mention or hint at buying one. When we think about ads for businesses we aren’t constrained by the idea of constant call to actions we want the viewer to engage and put themselves in the ad. It’s a new way of thinking but it’s working for our clients.

Live stream – With live entertainment and large gatherings on pause we’ve been busy live streaming sports, conferences, events and radio interviews to people’s homes and offices to make sure there’s some normality. With the massive leaps forward in technology it’s become possible for us to provide broadcast quality streams for all kinds of purposes. We’re always up for a challenges and love what each event brings.

These are just some of the services from Prescription Media, but being a full service production company we also offer marketing, social media campaigns, talent scouting and photography.

For more information head to to up your company’s game and presence.

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